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Heat belt For pain relief in back pain

The SOS Heat Belt effectively relieves back pain in the lower back and hip region with its pleasant and well tolerated heat


• Relaxes tight muscles and relieves tension
• Therapeutic, evenly distributed deep heat
• Self-activating heating pads
• Elasticated textile belt (size S–XL)
• 8 hours of effective heat relieve pain for up to 16 hours*

*The effective deep heat of this heat patch lasts for 8 hours.<br>After the pain has been relieved, the effect can persist for a further 8 hours – for up to 16 hours of pain relief.


Info-Video from Dr. Kleine


Open the sachet by hand (do not cut) and remove the heat pad. Insert one heat pad into each of the two pockets of the heat belt (not more than one heat pad into each pocket) so that the printed side is facing the body. Position the pockets containing the heat pads onto the painful area in the lumbar spine region or over the hip. Wrap the heat belt closely around the body and fasten it with the Velcro fastener. After use, undo the heat belt and remove the heat pads. The heat belt is now ready to be used again.


Iron, activated charcoal, water

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