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SOS - First aid for your health! SOS health products help you quickly and reliably

SOS – a range of medical products according to pharmaceutical standards with which you can quickly and reliably treat your everyday health problems (oder issues) . The product range covers the categories heat therapy, disinfection, wound care, skin and foot care, as well as gastrointestinal remedies. All the products are manufactured based on the latest research results and offer health solutions of the highest quality.

Performance is our top priority

The SOS range covers a wide variety of healthcare products with proof-of concepts, that have been tried and tested over many years or have been newly developed based on current research results. The majority of the SOS products work by physical means. They are characterised by a high tolerability and a reliable effectiveness.

Quality is key

When it comes to your health, adherence to the highest standards goes without saying for us. We offer you solutions for a variety of everyday healthcare issues with our pharmacy standard products. The majority of the SOS products are medical devices or pharmaceuticals. Legislation demands efficacy studies for all the active ingredients.

A little remedy in an emergency – for every first-aid kit

In addition to heat therapy products for pain and muscle tension relief, the SOS range covers many reliable "little helpers" like wound care products, remedies for heartburn, diarrhoea, lice, fungus infections of the nails, corns and warts, or medically effective products for oral healthcare. Further SOS ranges offer solutions in the areas of medical skin care and skin and surface disinfection.

SOS offers a wide range of powerful products to relieve healthcare issues and to preserve your health – and as such is an important part of every medical cabinet and first-aid kit.

SOS – Aid is at the heart of the matter

Anyone standing in front of the healthcare shelves in the drugstore or supermarket will almost certainly encounter the product range of WindStar Medical. For this medium-sized company is the leading supplier of over-the-counter healthcare products outside of the pharmacy. The portfolio includes more than 500 articles, among these, for example, the healthcare brand SOS®. Not only does WindStar Medical place great emphasis on the quality of its own products and work performance, it also takes its social commitment very seriously.

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